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Do what you do! Bounce a ball. Read a book. Strike a pose. Build a castle. Take a hike. Catch some zzzzs. Swim a lap. Grab a drink. Find a pearl. Run a mile. Ride a wave. Your stuff will be just fine. beachsafe® holds all your personal items, so you can enjoy your fun in the sun.

Built-In Charger & Water-Resistant Exterior

Built-in cooling fan. Built-in charger. Built-in peace-of-mind. Smart phones stay charged, devices stay dry. Belongings stay safe, which means, of course, that you stay happy.

Stainless-Steel Securing Cable

Open it. Fill it. Wrap it. Lock it. beachsafe® has an extra-long, stainless-steel cable, water-resistant exterior, reprogrammable lock, cooling fan, and solar pack to make sure your belongings stay safe and sound.

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Make Your Life beachsafe®

Say goodbye to worrying about whether your items will be safe and secure while you’re enjoying your time in the sun! With beachsafe®, you can have peace of mind that your personal items stay safe and secure at the beach. Stash your cash, power your phone, secure your stuff in your cool, water-resistant beachsafe®. Because, doesn’t everyone deserve a little peace of mind?

Powered Up & Protected

beachsafe® is used to store all the valuable items that you bring with you to the beach, so you never have to worry about losing your phone, wallet, or other important belongings again! Additionally, its powerful built-in solar panel and battery pack will charge your smart devices and eliminate the worry of draining your batteries, while the built-in cooling fan will ensure your phone doesn’t overheat during fun in the sun!

Water-Resistant Exterior

The beach’s elements are no match for the water-resistant exterior of beachsafe®. Rain showers. Rogue waves. Sloshing sand. Sticky fingers. beachsafe outwits them all.  Constructed from a leak-proof and airtight material, beachsafe® keeps your phone and valuables safe and dry and prevents over-heating on hot days thanks to its shielding exterior and unique cooling fan.

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Who doesn’t worry about leaving their valuables on the beach unattended? beachsafe® was created to give you peace of mind by keeping your items safe and secure. Your wallet, money, keys, sunglasses, jewelry, and smart phone are locked up and protected while you’re in the water, taking a stroll in the surf, or buying ice cream on the boardwalk.

beachsafe® is an innovative, personal safe with a 4-digit combination lock and 3-foot stainless-steel securing cable that easily attaches to your lounge chair. Its patented design features a solar panel, battery pack, cooling fan, and two USB ports. Additionally, its water-resistant, high-quality exterior provides protection from the elements, ensuring that your belongings are not only safe from would be thieves, but are nice and dry as well.

Almost anything you want! If you’ve ever thought about bringing your personal items to the beach, but are concerned about theft while off for a walk, swim, or even a nap, then beachsafe® is perfect for you. No longer will you miss out on joining the fun and making memories. How many photo ops have you missed because you’re not comfortable leaving your valuables exposed and unattended? beachsafe® provides the added comfort of knowing you have the freedom to leave your stuff behind without any worries.

beachsafe® is big enough to hold your important items like a wallet, money, keys, jewelry, and sunglasses, as well as your phone. The added benefit of its built-in solar panel and battery pack eliminates the worry of losing power on your smart phone, while the cooling fan keeps valuables at a safe temperature level.

More than just a personal safe, beachsafe® is equipped with a built-in solar panel, battery pack, and two USB ports, enabling you to charge two phones while soaking up the sun. The water-resistant, shielding exterior and cooling fan protect your smart devices from the hot summer sun. Now you won’t have to wait for these gadgets to cool down from extreme heat, which means you can safely use them any time you want. beachsafe® is also water-resistant, keeping your items protected when splashed or caught in the rain.

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About beachsafe®

beachsafe® is a patented, personal safe with a solar panel and battery pack for charging electronics and a built-in cooling fan to keep devices from overheating. Constructed from durable, water-resistant ABS plastic, it is equipped with a four-digit, reprogrammable combination lock and a three-foot stainless-steel cable. beachsafe® safely secures wallets, phones, sunglasses, keys, and more, providing peace of mind while you’re at the beach, by the pool, or just out having fun in the sun.

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